Do you have fatigue and feel stuck?

Are you lacking the motivation to live your life?

Creating and implementing a health protocol is a big accomplishment and deserves big praise! But if you've been working on your health for more than a few months, or years, you may feel burned out and are struggling with how to move forward.

Do any of these struggles sound familiar to you?

"I feel so tired, heavy, and not able to exercise at all. If I do exercise, I feel worse, so I just don't."

"I'm almost out of ideas for what to try next. It feels like I've tried everything to get better."

"Am I ever going to get better and enjoy life again? For how much time I spend working on my health, I have to see some return to make it worthwhile."

"Getting my energy and mojo back is so hard. My progress has been at a plateau for a long time. I don't know what to do."

I've been there! I've created so many different protocols in the past ten years, and I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, in a rut, and ready to give up!

You need more than passion. You need a plan.

Why do health seekers burn out? Honestly, it's because they didn't have a proper plan in place to support the ongoing needs of their health.

Without a smart plan based on data, health seekers risk wasting a lot of time, energy, and money to keep themselves going. And many never enjoy a return on those investments.

That's no fun, which is why it's no surprise that many health seekers take breaks from their health journey and protocols or worse-fall off the wagon completely.

I know you don't want that to be you. I believe in you and your passion for health! However, passion isn't enough to sustain and recover your energy and health. And it certainly isn't enough to fully get back to life and tackle all of your big goals.

You need a proven plan and protocol to help you structure and streamline your root cause issues, improve your digestion and detoxification, elevate your neurotransmitters, and incorporate ways to make your home, office, and other buildings consistent with your health and nutrition protocols.

That's why I created Better Energy - to help committed health seekers like you avoid burnout, discover smarter ways to heal, and incorporate clinically-proven strategies to transform your promising health journey into a sustainable and effective one!

Meet your course instructor

Hello, my name is Evan Brand, CFMP, FNTP. I've created a lot of protocols and reviewed thousands of labs.

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Gluten-Free Society Practitioner

Better Energy can help you get back your zest and "oomph" for life.

Imagine this: You're at your home. You're full of energy and your mind is clear on the tasks you need to complete today. You have your libido back, you feel sexy, and you're well-rested and ready to tackle life's challenges.

You take your morning supplement protocol, and you're ready to get some exercise.

Done. You feel great!

Now, you turn your energy into productivity. That side business you wanted to grow, the coaching practice you wanted to build, and the messy closet, garage, or storage room you wanted to declutter and turn minimalist, it's all within your abilities now.

Everything is going along smoothly.

You have the systems and protocols, and possibly even started to work on helping your family members and friends, to help them get more energy, too.

You have energy and creativity juices flowing to dream up new ideas about how you can succeed in your business, personal growth, and relationships.

Best of all, your mood and energy are growing steadily, your income is increasing due to your productivity, and you're feeling excited about the possibilities. Sounds great, right?

Better Energy will give you the step-by-step instruction you need to make this vision a reality.

Sounds great, right? Even if you're not ready to coach others, I can give you tips, tools, and resources to help you put a system in place to help you thrive as a provider.

This course contains what you need to up your functional medicine game.

This course will help you create a system, process, and protocol that will help make your health symptoms simply resolve over the long haul!

Better Energy is the next step if you've already taken my Better Belly course, or if you're an experienced health seeker or provider but feel like you've hit a wall.

By the end of the comprehensive, 27 video course, you'll have:

1) A "done-for-you" system that you can implement to find the root cause of many health issues.

2) The knowledge to coach others or just fix your own health symptoms and concerns.

3) A comprehensive plan for organizing the many issues that you may be dealing with into an effective health protocol to work on all of them.

4) A way to grow your clinical skills and make an income by helping others take back their health.

Here's what you'll learn with Better Energy.

Better Energy is full of great information to help you get your energy back and build a health protocol to fix toxicity, infections, and other sources of stress that are draining you.

Want to know more? Explore the full list of lessons

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  Module 1 - Energy System Dysfunction
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  Module 2 - Mold, Parasites, Other Infections, and Fatigue
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  Module 3 - Stealth Infections and Fatigue
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  Module 4 - Sleep Issues and Fatigue
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  Module 5 - Lifestyle Strategies for Better Energy
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  Lab Tests, Supplements, and Consultations
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Get your energy back, boost your drive, and achieve more in life.

I'll teach you how to streamline your health protocol so that you have more energy and drive for the fun and important parts of life. You'll learn natural strategies for being calmer, happier, and healthier, so that you can be a beacon of light in your family, at your job, and in society. I'll show you clinically-proven ways to feel better.

How this course sets you up for success

Being a health seeker can be lonely, but you don't have to go at it alone. Here's how I will support you in the course.

A La Carte calls with Evan Brand and Aubree Steen

Sometimes you just need to ask the teacher a question. That's why I offer paid consultations to all students. Get your questions answered and learn from the other questions of the other Better Energy students, as I will publish those calls inside the course, creating a never-ending supply of new content and information for you to learn from!

Is Better Energy right for you?

This course is for:

-Health seekers

-Health coaches

-Naturopathic doctors


-Functional medicine practitioners

-Medical doctors

-Fitness instructors


-Business owners



-and any human that wants more energy and more zest for life...

I've been developing these strategies for ten years, and I want to share with you everything I've learned about getting more energy, a brighter mood, and a stronger drive to tackle life.

Learn how to realize your energy and health potential.

You can do more with your life! Yes, it takes hard work, AND I can show you the path forward to fix your issues, simplify your supplements, and grow your clinical skills.

These strategies have been a game-changer in my business, and my personal life, and I can show you how it can be for yours, too.


SAVE $1000 (original value at $2497)

Here's how I can help you reach your potential as a health seeker.

I'd love to teach you my most successful functional medicine strategies, protocols, and other secrets.

I've been working in the health space since 2010, beginning with the Evan Brand Show Podcast, my show that's consistently ranked in iTunes as a top health podcast. I've created two other functional medicine courses that have helped hundreds of students.

I've published over 500 episodes and videos on various platforms, with more than 16 million downloads, and interviewed some amazing guests, including Dr. Neil Nathan, MD on Mold Toxicity, Dr. Thomas Levy on Rapid Virus Recovery, and many others on brain chemistry, chronic fatigue, sleep issues, joint pain, autoimmune disease, parasites and other digestive problems. I've helped over 1,000 clients take back their health in my 1-on-1 functional medicine practice.

I'm convinced: at-home functional medicine lab testing is one of the most valuable tools for taking back your health. My lab testing protocol allowed me to heal. After I got better, I was able to help others. Once people get better, they refer their friends, family, and clients to me to help them too. You can accomplish the same!

Throughout the course of running, interpreting, and implementing protocols based on these labs, I've learned what works and doesn't, how to increase your energy, boost your mood and libido, and which shortcuts can't be taken. I've helped thousands of people get back on their feet, literally and figuratively through my free podcasts, my clinic, and my courses.

But I've heard from many students that they need to "boost up" their energy and zest for life, but they don't know how to go about doing that. They are wondering how to keep their energy levels up and do everything they need in life without burning out. How can they develop a protocol that works, boost their energy without stimulants and sugar, and get back their sex drive so they can enjoy intimacy and save their relationships in the bedroom?

If you're wondering the same things, then my Better Energy course is for you. I will give you everything you need to make your existing health protocol the best it can be, and help you come up with a system to make you feel even better and keep going for the long haul.