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Get Access To My Life's Work At A 30% Discount - And See Real Improvements In Your Symptoms And How You Show Up In Life

Hi, I'm Evan Brand.

And I'm happy you're here, reading this page.


Because in the functional medicine space, I'm known as:

The young guy - who creates health protocols that GET RESULTS. 

Over the course of the last 10 years, I've helped over 1000 clients at my clinic.

And the results they have gotten are nothing but hopeful.

I know you want to see the proof to believe this, so check out the reviews yourself here:

Most of these clients came to me complaining about:

- Not being fully present with their spouse/children

- Wanting to have better sex life 

- Craving more energy to start their own business

- Being tired, overwhelmed

- Wanting to hide from the world, shutting down

- Not being able to exercise

And physical symptoms, such as:

- Bloating

- Diarrhea

- Constipation

- Anxiety

- Brain fog

- Memory problems

- Food reactions

- Skin rashes

- Etc

But through my protocols they went through at our clinic, they saw progress with issues - that were holding them back for years.

The Ultimate Microbiome Bundle

The cost of Better Belly, Better Energy, Better Home are

valued at over $4,500+

But now, you can get all 3 courses for at 30% off, just $2,999.

The work we're doing at the clinic is very important. Why?

Because once our clients overcome health issues, such as:


- Leaky Gut

- Candida overgrowth

- Sibo and Sifo

- H Pylori

- Parasites/worms

- Mitochondrial damage

- Etc

Their lives are filled with more energy, sleep, sex, drive.

And this does not have a price for them.

Since you're here, reading about the bundle, I know you're probably in somewhat similar situation.

You probably face issues like:

- Food reactions

- Soreness for days

- Energy crashes

- Not being able to handle stress

And most likely,  you're not in the best place emotionally either.

You might be hurting financially. Dealing with all the responsibilities, children, work.

You’re probably even scared, and don’t know if there’s a way out of this hole.

But I'm here to tell you what you probably don't expect.

You are not alone.

Many clients I've worked with over the years were in a similar situation health and mental state-wise.

They did not believe there could be a solution for them.

They've tried many things from courses to doctors to practitioners to supplements, without real results.

And now, they think living symptom-free, enjoyable life is not an actual possibility anymore. 

It's not quite true.

Because, if you:

- Run our lab tests at home

- Find underlying health issues you’re facing 

- Administer a proper protocol (for those particular issues)

It won't take you years to feel better. 

These health protocols have been used successfully - hundreds of times by our clients.

Just look through some of the amazing reviews they gave us

But here's the thing: 

If You Wanted To, It’s Not Easy To Become Our Client At The Clinic.

We're booked for almost 4 months in advance at the moment.

But this doesn't mean we can't help you still.

Today, you can take all the protocols we're using at the clinic, and help yourself. 

Let us help you run functional medicine labs, and make protocols based on successful case studies from our clinic.

Yes, through Better Energy and Better Belly courses, you'll get access to all the protocols we're relying on at the clinic.

You'll get detailed guidance on:

- How to run lab tests to find out root causes that are causing you to feel anxious, exhausted, bloated, irritated

- And how to administer specific protocols that are designed to remove the underlying problem

This is why I'm excited.

You can literally start today, in weeks from now, start feeling better.

Why am I confident?

Because I know these protocols work. I use them almost every day at my clinic. 

And hundreds of my clients (who've tried many things to heal themselves and didn't see results) have used them to see tangible improvements.

We have proof that they work. See what our clients are saying once again here.

That said, I'll be happy if you take advantage of this special offer, save 30%, and get your hands on my unique protocols.

Both courses include information - that I've distilled from actual client cases. There isn't much theory in these courses.

Just action steps - based on clinical data. Based on what already worked.

This is why some of my naturopathic doctor friends tell me: 

"Evan you're crazy selling these courses for $2K each. We've gone through functional medicine trainings where we spent 5, 10k or more on the training, and they weren't anywhere near as actionable as these courses." 

They learned more from my courses (that you can get access to now) than from the professional certifications they went through.

This is why some of my students go ahead and launch their own naturopathic or functional medicine practices (after enrolling in Better Energy or Better Belly courses) . They are so detailed and granular, you can even help your family members, friends and even start taking clients.

I know many students did.

But the first step is to heal yourself. To finally get yourself out of the hole you've found yourself in. And after that, you can get your business off the ground, you can improve your relationships, and show up as a better spouse, parent, friend.

And here's one more nice detail about this bundle offer:

In addition to saving 30% - which is great- you'll also get access to my third course - BETTER HOME, which is designed to help you optimize and detox your home (you can find more info about this nice bonus below)

This course normally sells for $400, but will also be included in this special bundle offer.

With that said, with this bundle, I'm giving you almost all the clinically proven, tested, optimized information I have - so you can take actionable steps right now. 

If you follow step-by-step instructions in all of these three courses, you can see RESULTS.

I'm making this claim because hundreds of changed lives, hundreds of happy students, the success of our clinic, all this backs me up. 

So, I will end this here. And let you make a decision - that can turn your life around.

I know it’s possible with this valuable bundle.

Learn more about each course included in the bundle below!

An interactive, video-based training program that teaches you STEP-BY-STEP how to make PROTOCOLS based on your DNA Stool, Organic Acids and Mycotoxin Tests

If You've Been Battling With Various Stubborn Symptoms, Hopping From Doctor To Doctor, And Your Quality Of Life Is Still Compromised, You Need To Try What I've Done.

Stop buying random supplements you heard about on blogs, podcasts, and webinars that you thought would be the "silver bullet" but that just ended up wasting your money.

Heal your leaky gut without having to drink bone broth from a cup and live on aloe juice (bone broth and aloe are fine, but they aren't the magic pieces to healing your gut).

Stop the merry-go-round of running from practitioner to practitioner trying to resolve your issues without getting to the true root causes.

Fix your gas, bloating, cramping, weight gain, brain fog, depression, anxiety, skin issues, and fatigue.

Heal your gut and resolve your digestive, mood, and skin issues that have plagued you for months, years, or even decades.

Without having to step in a doctor's office that will roll their eyes at your complaints.

Without spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary testing that will not further your functional medicine knowledge and won't lead you to clinical outcomes such as DNA, genetics, UBiome, Viome, and more.

Without using antibiotics, anti-parasitic drugs, acid blockers, antidepressants, antifungals, and other conventional drugs that are commonly prescribed without long-term clinical success.

Without force-feeding yourself fermented foods, mystery powders, and potions you heard about on the internet.

Most importantly, without guessing and checking using random supplements to fix your issues.

Some Of The Doctors Indicated This Was "All In My Head"! And That I Was Flat-Out Crazy.

See, it was so depressing to hear all that back then. But now, I'm grateful. Why? Because without all that helplessness and desperation I felt (when I saw there was NO solution for my symptoms) I wouldn't have embarked on my OWN healing journey. Where I happened to learn so much; grow so much; and eventually, help hundreds of people in my shoes. I hope you'll be next!

Since then, my signature lab tests and protocols have helped over 1000 people. Click here to check out our incredible feedback (over 300+ 5 star reviews!)

How Can The Better Belly Program Also Be a Turning Point In YOUR Life?

1. The BB course will FINALLY help you solve your health challenges - through the unique health protocols I've designed (and have tested with over 1000 clients). If you ask my high-profile, thought leader colleagues, I'm known in this industry as a "Big-picture" guy. This means I'm able to connect all the dots & put all the pieces together about my clients' lab results. This is why my protocols flat-out work.

2. NO ONE in the world uses these protocols I've created after years of trial and error. And now, for a couple of days, you get a chance to use the same protocols at home to fix your health like hundreds of my clients & live symptom-free.

3. You'll get properly TESTED. No more shooting in the dark and enriching your supplement graveyard! You'll learn how to use urine and stool tests at home (to finally figure out which body systems are dysfunctioning) and what action steps (which protocols) to implement to fix each.

Let Me Show You A Way

To Symptom-Free, Normal Life.

See the full Better Belly curriculum here

Do you have fatigue and feel stuck?

Are you lacking the motivation to live your life?

Creating and implementing a health protocol is a big accomplishment and deserves big praise! But if you've been working on your health for more than a few months, or years, you may feel burned out and are struggling with how to move forward.

Do any of these struggles sound familiar to you?

"I feel so tired, heavy, and not able to exercise at all. If I do exercise, I feel worse, so I just don't."

"I'm almost out of ideas for what to try next. It feels like I've tried everything to get better."

"Am I ever going to get better and enjoy life again? For how much time I spend working on my health, I have to see some return to make it worthwhile."

"Getting my energy and mojo back is so hard. My progress has been at a plateau for a long time. I don't know what to do."

I've been there! I've created so many different protocols in the past ten years, and I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, in a rut, and ready to give up!

You need more than passion. You need a plan.

Why do health seekers burn out? Honestly, it's because they didn't have a proper plan in place to support the ongoing needs of their health.

Without a smart plan based on data, health seekers risk wasting a lot of time, energy, and money to keep themselves going. And many never enjoy a return on those investments.

That's no fun, which is why it's no surprise that many health seekers take breaks from their health journey and protocols or worse-fall off the wagon completely.

I know you don't want that to be you. I believe in you and your passion for health! However, passion isn't enough to sustain and recover your energy and health. And it certainly isn't enough to fully get back to life and tackle all of your big goals.

You need a proven plan and protocol to help you structure and streamline your root cause issues, improve your digestion and detoxification, elevate your neurotransmitters, and incorporate ways to make your home, office, and other buildings consistent with your health and nutrition protocols.

That's why I created Better Energy - to help committed health seekers like you avoid burnout, discover smarter ways to heal, and incorporate clinically-proven strategies to transform your promising health journey into a sustainable and effective one!

Better Energy can help you get back your zest and "oomph" for life.

Imagine this: You're at your home. You're full of energy and your mind is clear on the tasks you need to complete today. You have your libido back, you feel sexy, and you're well-rested and ready to tackle life's challenges.

You take your morning supplement protocol, and you're ready to get some exercise.

Done. You feel great!

Now, you turn your energy into productivity. That side business you wanted to grow, the coaching practice you wanted to build, and the messy closet, garage, or storage room you wanted to declutter and turn minimalist, it's all within your abilities now.

Everything is going along smoothly.

You have the systems and protocols, and possibly even started to work on helping your family members and friends, to help them get more energy, too.

You have energy and creativity juices flowing to dream up new ideas about how you can succeed in your business, personal growth, and relationships.

Best of all, your mood and energy are growing steadily, your income is increasing due to your productivity, and you're feeling excited about the possibilities. Sounds great, right?

Better Energy will give you the step-by-step instruction you need to make this vision a reality.

Sounds great, right? Even if you're not ready to coach others, I can give you tips, tools, and resources to help you put a system in place to help you thrive as a provider.

This course contains what you need to up your functional medicine game.

This course will help you create a system, process, and protocol that will help make your health symptoms simply resolve over the long haul!

Better Energy is the next step if you've already taken my Better Belly course, or if you're an experienced health seeker or provider but feel like you've hit a wall.

By the end of the comprehensive, 27 video course, you'll have:

1) A "done-for-you" system that you can implement to find the root cause of many health issues.

2) The knowledge to coach others or just fix your own health symptoms and concerns.

3) A comprehensive plan for organizing the many issues that you may be dealing with into an effective health protocol to work on all of them.

4) A way to grow your clinical skills and make an income by helping others take back their health.

Click here to see the full Better Energy curriculum

An Interactive Video-Based Training Program That Teaches You Room-By-Room HOW TO DETOX Your Water, Air, EMF, Mold, and Mycotoxins. You can't be healthy in a sick building. Trust me, I tried.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

♦Fatigue ♦Weakness ♦Aches ♦Muscle Cramps ♦Unusual Pain ♦Ice Pick Pain ♦Headache ♦Light Sensitivity ♦Red Eyes ♦Blurred Vision ♦Tearing ♦Sinus Problems ♦Cough ♦Shortness of Breath ♦Abdominal Pain ♦Diarrhea ♦Joint Pain ♦Morning Stiffness ♦Memory Issues ♦Focus/Concentration Issues ♦Word Recollection Issues ♦Decreased Learning of New Knowledge ♦Confusion ♦Disorientation ♦Skin Sensitivity ♦Mood Swings ♦Appetite Swings ♦Sweats (especially night sweats) ♦Temperature Regulation or Disregulation Problems ♦Excessive Thirst ♦Increased Urination ♦Static Shocks ♦Numbness ♦Tingling ♦Vertigo ♦Metallic Taste ♦Tremors

I think I know why...

Let me help you optimize and detox your home

(without draining your bank account)

I'll show you the way to do it right, the first time.

If you're hoping to fix your fatigue and improve your brain fog, and you haven't really taken the time to learn how to optimize your water, air, and EMF, then you're absolutely leaving progress on the table.

Chances are good that you're facing an all-too-common dilemma: how to "crack the code" of home building without exposure to toxins and without spending a million dollars to do it.

Maybe you worry that it'll cost too much money or be too stressful to optimize or upgrade your own environment. But detoxing the chemicals and EMF pollution in your water, air, and especially your bedroom requires time, energy, and a clear sense of what you actually need and don't need.

On top of that, you may fret that you're doing it wrong or spending money in the wrong places that could reverse your potential for profit and healing.

BetterHome Protocols offers a great solution to all these concerns. With these solutions, you can detox your home and improve the health of you and any other occupants, including your pets.

These healthy home protocols are a time-tested home-optimization strategy with two powerful benefits: it allows you to remove the toxins and stressors that are keeping you sick, with the potential to double or triple your investment because of the value you add.

Sadly, it's easy to do home improvements the wrong way—by putting money in the wrong places and buying the wrong materials you actually need.

That's why I created Healthy Home Protocols.

With Better Home Protocols, I'll give you all the tools you need to succeed by sharing products that already exist to solve your air, water, and EMF toxicity problems—and I'll show you how to do it the right way, so you maximize your ROI and future profit potential, too.

Better Home Protocols is your one-stop shop to become a home optimization master.

See the full Better Home curriculum here

The Ultimate

Microbiome Bundle

The cost of Better Belly, Better Energy, Better Home are

valued at over $4,500+

But now, you can get all 3 courses for at 30% off, just $2,999.

I know 3K isn’t a small investment.

But with the quality of information, you're getting your hands on (you’re practically stealing proven protocols from a successful functional medicine clinic) + all the health benefits you can (potentially) experience with Better Energy, Better Home and Better Belly courses, it’s the investment worth making. 

Hundreds of my previous clients and students would agree. There’s no need to suffer anymore. We CAN help.

I’m Evan Brand. I'll be your instructor for all 3 courses. I'd love to teach you my most successful functional medicine strategies, techniques, and other secrets.

I'm here to help you reach your potential as a health seeker or practitioner.

I've been podcasting and working on my own and others' health since 2010, beginning with the Evan Brand Show, my show that's consistently ranked in Apple Podcasts as a top health podcast.

I've published over 400 episodes, with more than 14 million downloads, and interviewed some amazing guests including Dr. Mercola, Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Paul Saladino, and Dr. Tom O Bryan. In the past eight years, I've helped over 1,000 clients around the world with my 1-on-1 functional medicine practice and countless with my podcasts.

I'm convinced: functional medicine is one of the most valuable tools for improving your health. My practice has helped me connect with and educate my listeners, write books, create summits, and coach dozens of medical doctors and other practitioners. More people find my clinic and stay connected to it because of my functional medicine protocols.

Throughout the hundreds of cases, and my own issues, I've learned what works and what doesn't, how to address gut infections, and which tests are a waste of time and which are worth the expense. I've helped thousands of clients and dozens of doctors get up and running with their own lab testing and health protocols through my free podcasts, my courses, summits, and my 1-on-1 consultations.

But I've heard from many of my clients and students that they need to "learn how to fix themselves and others" but they don't know how to go about doing that. They are wondering how to keep their health protocol going without getting burned out. How can they develop a protocol that runs smoothly, improves their labs and symptoms, get more results, and make more money from their coaching and clinical practice?

If you're wondering the same things, then my Better Belly+Better Home Functional Medicine course is for you. I will give you everything you need to make your existing health protocol the best it can be, and help you come up with a protocol so you can keep it going for the long haul.

The Ultimate Microbiome Bundle

The cost of Better Belly, Better Energy, Better Home are

valued at over $4000+

But now, you can get all 3 courses for at 30% off, just $2999.

Thank you! I appreciate you.

Functional medicine has been an amazing way for me to grow my practice and take back my health. Through functional medicine, I have spawned an amazing group of people that have been helped enough to help others, and I have seen some amazing recovery stories happen. Really, functional medicine has been a game-changer for me. And I can show you how it can be a game changer for you, too.

Thank you for considering joining me for these courses!


Evan Brand, CFMP, FNTP

You see how actionable these 3 courses are. They can make positive changes in your life soon. Still not sure?

Despite seeing all the amazing reviews I have at the clinic. And despite knowing that our clinic is one of the foremost functional medicine clinics on the planet - which means we’re getting results for people - you’re probably still a bit skeptical.

But, here’s what I promise: If you take action on the proven protocols that I’m using daily at my clinic, and if you run all the lab tests I’ll walk you through (to find out root causes), you will see the results.

And I know you crave real RESULTS bad. So, I hope you’ll take action and become one of the 100 people who I plan to let into this bundle. We’re sending this newsletter to over 100,000 health seekers - so we’ll probably fill up all the spots soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the courses?

After enrolling, you will have lifetime access to each course in the bundle. Work through the courses at your own pace.

What do I do if I need help?

If you have a question related to the bundle or any of the courses in the bundle, email [email protected] Thanks!

How long are each course?

Plan to take about one month to complete each course. There are over 100 video lessons and some quizzes throughout all-in-all. Of course, some people could do it faster.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes. On the checkout page under the "Billing Information" section, switch from the Credit Card tab to the PayPal tab. Choose your country and click "Enroll in Course" to be directed to the PayPal checkout.

What if I am unhappy with the bundle?

Sorry, no refunds! This bundle is for committed health seekers only, so if you aren't 100% sure that you want to take action on our strategies, it might be best to think it over before you commit.
After working with 1,000 clients and successfully implementing these protocols and strategies across the globe, we're extremely confident that what we are teaching works.

I'm not a tech person - will I be able to keep up?

YES! Each course in this bundle was designed specifically with tech-challenged newbies in mind. Upon enrolling, you'll be sent information on how to create your personalized course login. Then, every lesson is organized in order, with video/audio lessons, PDF copies of the slides, as well as recommendations all in one convenient place!

Are consultations, lab tests, and supplements included in the price of bundle?

No, they are not. Students may book a coaching consultation if they have multiple and/or complex questions regarding the lesson, otherwise, they can send us an email. More information on how to book and the rates will be included in the course. If you are interested in working with Evan but would like to know more about the process, you can book a 15-minute free introductory consultation at
You will have to purchase lab tests and supplements separately. You can view and order tests and supplements at or source them locally. For those living outside the US, you can contact us at [email protected] for more information on how to order tests.

Enroll now and get instant access to Better Belly, Better Energy, and Better Home!

The Ultimate Microbiome Bundle

The cost of Better Belly, Better Energy, Better Home are

valued at over $4,500+

But now, you can get all 3 courses for at 30% off, just $2,999.